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Hi everyone, it's me, Ashley!  I am an established Model, Actress, and Radio Personality living in the Boston area.

Growing up, I always suspected that I was different, that I was somehow in the wrong gender.  When I was old enough to better understand it, instead of hiding it or denying it, I wanted to take control of my destiny and own up to it.  I made the decision of who I wanted to be and I would evenutually use this confidence with the people that I would meet in my travels.   

Although there were hurdles and owning up to be transgendered had occasionally shut some doors on opportunities, I never allowed the ugly side of a situation to get the better of me, because being who I am and living life on my terms has proven to be very rewarding, with a more inner understanding of myself, both on a personal and professional level.

When this newfound freedom was not yet the norm for our close knit community, I was out there, vowing to pave that way and show others by positive example that society could and would respect us for who we were, if we would simply open our own eyes and minds and accept ourselves, for true acceptance of one self can only come from within.

I began to pave that way by founding my own non-profit organization, Sisters Family, and found that I was definitely not the only person who felt trapped by what was the definition of society, as well as liberated by owning up to who I truly was.

I used this wisdom to bridge communities, by giving my time and energy in spearheading fundraisers for such charities as Toys for Tots, St. Jude's Hospital, and Shriners Hospital for Children, where I could make a difference for all people, mainly our children, our future.

Shortly after that, I focused on my own needs and desires in being not only a voice for our community, but a face in the mainstream.  I began modeling in both runway and catalog work, when such things were not quite mainstream, or well known in my area.  I then began acting, appearing in several independent films in roles that were created with a woman in mind.  

It was then that I started my own local cable show entitled "Bottoms Up with Ashley Bottoms", where I would bring on and interview local talent, and I even hosted a 2nd show, a movie rental review show called "Watch This with Ashley Bottoms."  I even managed to appear in a few television pilots and even scored a background role in a major motion picture.

It was then that I realized one of my true passions:  Talk-radio.  My initial calling was as an in-studio guest on a very popular FM morning show.  It then transitioned into a few repeated appearances on a network owned and operated, country-wide AM talk-radio formatted program, where I was also once invited by this network to be on one of their news segments to defend trans-equality laws.

From there, with no formal education in communications, but with a burning desire to succeed, I found my golden opportunity in podcasts.  I quickly joined a 2 hour, Sunday afternoon podcast show, where I would co-host and was able to fine tune my interviewing skills and style.  While I was able to improve both, retaining that slight raw edge seemed to put our guests at ease when they were on the air, and I always embraced any subject matter with the curiosity of a child.

Eventually, I put that podcast show behind me as I moved onto bigger and better things:  My own radio program!  Currently, I am the Writer, Co-Producer, and Host of "Bottoms Up: Appetite for Discussion", my own 2 hour talk-radio broadcast which can be heard live on The Gag Order Network every Wednesday evening at 6:30PM est, with reruns being aired on CNEU Radio and MESi Radio every week.

I am also the Creator, Co-Producer, and Host of my own production company, “Blonde Moment Productions”, in which I am able to cover and report at many local events, both in Boston and the surrounding New England areas, including many Comic Cons, shows, and expos, where I have had the opportunity and pleasure to interview a wide variety of people, including some A-list celebrities.

Last, but certainly not least, I am penning my first book, an autobiography, which I hope will see the light of day sometime in 2015.  I have found that while I have a lot to write about, it is often not that easy to write about one self.  But, I am confident that the work I have done so far will translate well to book form. 

Look for it when it comes out!!!


If you are one of my fans, then allow me to thank you for following my progression. 

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* My LIVE talk-radio broadcast Bottoms Up: Appetite for Discussion on the Gag Order Network every Wednesday evening at 6:30PM est

* My talk-radio broadcast is also rerun on Monday evenings at 6:30PM on C.N.E.U. Radio

* My talk-radio broadcast is also rerun on Tuesday evenings at 6PM on MESi Radio

* I cover local a lot of events as Blonde Moment Productions on YouTube

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* Ashley's work in the Transgendered Community can be viewed at her Sisters Family page